John Koski

Privilege Group

Make Youtube Videos is a video production company. We specialize on short videos for social media. Need help in creating a series of webisodes? We can help!


How we can help

  1. Produce a show to GO VIRAL
  2. Learn to record professional webisodes in your own office
  3. Record a single video that is designed for conversion

Why choose us

Specializing in Short Videos

We focus on short videos designed specifically for social media. And we are good at it.

Reasonably Priced

It costs more to begin video production on your own. We know the challenges of shooting short videos with limited experience. So we designed a low cost program to get you started right away.

Results Driven

We make it easy to produce videos that deliver results. Our consultants bring a range of specific tools and tips to achieve success quickly.

Willing to Share

Unlike others, we show our clients everything we do. Our main goal is to help you learn to produce impressive video content smoothly.